Our Vision:

  1. At its simplest we want to love God and love our neighbours as ourselves.
  2. To be a church where God is worshipped, the bible is taught, the lost are enfolded, the poor are cared for, the weak are strengthened, the excluded are embraced, resources/finances are released, the natural environment is respected, the strong are fully working, the wider body of Christ is loved and served, all are growing towards maturity.
  3. To be a church where workers are identified, encouraged, trained, and released to do the works of the kingdom of God. This will include: children’s work, youth work, house/small group leadership, worship, prayer, counselling, preaching and teaching, poor relief, evangelism, healing, church planting, locally, nationally and overseas. Everyone can have a part to play.
  4. To be a church where everyone sees their daily work as full time service, an act of worship; be they a plumber, teacher, student, parent, nurse, artist, pastor; where the person building a wall or working in a bank sees that task as important as the preacher’s.

Our Values:

  • Accessibility
  • Mercy
  • Fun loving
  • Generosity to others in the church and the community around us
  • Kindness Being real with each-other
  • Contemporary Simplicity – a concern for the main, plain, things of scripture
  • Truthfulness & integrity – nothing done for effect or to manipulate others
  • Acceptance of one another
  • Relaxed in dress and style
  • Honouring of one another
  • Teachability
  • Serving of others – with a self-sacrificial spirit and humble heart
  • Honouring those with whom we disagree
  • Knowing one another and valuing real relationships
  • Sharing our lives
  • Being non-religious
  • Showing compassion
  • Relevant to the world in which we live
  • Openness to all – regardless of age, gender or race



Please see below some of our policies:

Safeguarding Children policy 2017 /  2018

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

Southend Vineyard privacy Notice

Confidentiality Policy

Complaints Policy