God speaks to you, God speaks through you is a 6 week series in which we are looking at our covenant relationship with Jesus and how from that we can learn to hear His voice both for ourselves and for other people. We want to become that mature, fully functioning body of God’s people that grows and builds itself up in love as Paul speaks of in Ephesians 4. We are looking at Covenant relationship for 2 weeks, then our response to that in discipleship for 2 weeks and then ‘How can I hear God for myself’ and finally ‘How can I hear God for others’.

God speaks to us and through us - Part 1

by Sam Vincett | God Speaks To Us; God Speaking Through Us

Week 2: Being a covenant people, we are filled with the Holy Spirit to reveal the Kingdom of God in our community. Our church family are those whom we draw strength from and reach out with, transforming our lives and the lives of others through listening to the spirit of God. Reading Ephesians 4 is a good starting point as you begin this talk.

God speaks to us and through us - Part 2

by Sam Vincett | God Speaks To Us; God Speaking Through Us

Week 3: Andy leads us through 1 Corinthians 14: 1-5, speaking about how the prophetic encourages our discipleship to Jesus through our everyday interactions to bring comfort, strengthen our faith, and build up the church. There is also a reference to Philippians 2: 3-4. (PLEASE be aware that the quality of the audio is quite poor in places)

God speaks to us and through us - Part 3: Discipleship

by Andrew Vincett | God Speaks to Us; God Speaking Through Us

Week 4: Katy speaks to us about maintaining our relationship with Jesus in order that we would develop our covenant identity in Him, particularly when our lives are busy and our focus is drawn away from his security. We are called by grace into a relationship with the King, to do his work through the power of the Holy Spirit alive in us. (Scripture references are: Revelation 2: 3-4, Ephesians 3: 16-19, Matthew 10: 38-39)

God speaks to us and through us - Part 4: Maintaining relationship with Jesus

by Katy Faulkner | God speaking to us; God speaks through us

Week 5: Sam reminds us of the need to be ‘dangerous dreamers’ by hearing God’s word spoken to us in prayer and when reading the Bible, so that we can recognise Him when He speaks to us. (Scripture references are Jeremiah 31; John 10: 11 and Matthew 6: 5) Click the link to go to the Vineyard churches UK  website, where you can hear the interview with Ben Cooley and Andrew Cowley Click Here

God speaks to us and through us - Part 5: Hearing God

by Sam Vincett | God speaking to us; God speaking through us

Week 6: Sam leads us through this penultimate talk on using the fruit of the spirit as an expression of God’s love poured into our hearts, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, for service in the church. References used in the talk are 1 Corinthians 12: 1-11; 1 Corinthians 14; Acts 2; Acts 8; 1 Timothy 1: 18; Ephesians 4

God speaks to you and through you - Part 6: Using the gifts given to you

by Sam Vincett | God Speaking To You; God Speaking Through You