New Venue Update – March 2019

We are excited to announce that we have had confirmation of the finance towards the purchase of our new property.
The next stage is to raise all the funds needed for the refurbishment and development of the venue.

We would encourage you to support this project both in terms of prayer and (if you are able) financial donations to help make this project possible. As a small church community, the figures required seem huge but with your help, we can continue to serve our community and meet their needs. If you would like to support this project with a one-off or regular donations, make a pledge or legacy or would like further information about these options please contact


You can also donate to the New Building Fund securely online using these PayPal and Crowdfunding links:

(Conceptual artistic sketch of revamped entrance)

As many of you may know, Southend Vineyard has wanted to settle into a building so that we could continue to build relationships with those who visit the Storehouse or attend our services on a Sunday.

We desire to be able to do more things in the community of Southend-on-Sea and build on what we have achieved through the Storehouse and our church life for the last 25 years.

We believe in being at the heart of the town centre and want to continue to contribute to the life of Southend through being part of the fabric that makes our town such a great place to live and work.

The ‘Better Queensway’ project will mean that we need to relocate the Storehouse in Coleman Street, so what better opportunity to embark on the next phase in the life of the church…

(Conceptual artistic sketch of revamped entrance)

What we seek to do, is to create a space where we can host our community cafe from the Storehouse and offer hospitality to people in the town, whatever their circumstances, to connect with the services we offer.

We currently provide support for over 350 people per week by providing a food parcel to help with food poverty… In our Family Storehouse, we see 70 families visit us for nappies and help with pre-school children, as well as support parents as their children transition into school by connecting them to children’s centres and access to specialist help.

All this is just a reflection of what we do now… The potential for doing more in a purposely designed space would be incredible.

We would also hold our church services there on a Sunday and have space for work with children, crèche, youth work, training, CAP courses, Alpha… the list of things that we can imagine going on there is varied and exciting…It will be a place to meet with God and connect with the church family throughout the week through a variety of services, small groups, church and community events as well as regular activities.



If you would like to donate to the New Building Fund securely online please use this PayPal link:

Or you can donate using our Crowdfunding page:

For more information about our project, contact the church office on 01702 612900 or have a listen to Andy’s talk.