**New Venue Update – May 2019**

We have been working on our financial package to purchase our new premise to house both the church and the Storehouse in one central location…

We have been working with a mortgage provider to put together our finances in order for us to be able to achieve the goal of providing facilities for all of us to use. One of the conditions of the mortgage is to provide the evidence of having the finances needed to refurbish the premises. The concern is that we purchase a space which we cannot fully utilise due to lack of funds.

We are working hard on this aspect of the project so that we can draw down the mortgage and purchase the premises as soon as possible.

We would encourage you to continue to support us with this project, both in terms of prayer, and if you are able, a financial donation to help make this project possible. We have come a long way so far but I am sure that you might appreciate, the current vendor is seeking a date to complete the necessary contract exchange. We do not want to lose this premises simply through a lack of refurbishment funds, so any help, however small will matter greatly to us.

As a small church community, the figures involved seem huge but with your help, we can continue to serve our community through the continuing work of the Storehouse and the exciting potential of having our own space.

If you would like to support this project with a one-off or regular donation, make a pledge, or set up a legacy, or would simply like further information about these options, please contact: kate@southendvineyard.org.uk

You can also donate to the New Premises Fund securely online using the PayPal and Crowdfunding links below:



New Premises…

As many of you may know, Southend Vineyard has for a long while, wanted to settle into its own space and build our presence in the community, build relationships with those who visit the Storehouse or attend our services on a Sunday, and have the opportunity to tell people about Jesus.

We desire to do far more projects in the community of Southend-on-Sea, and build on what we have achieved through the Storehouse and our church life over the last 25 years. This has helped us identify what we believe, is the right premises for us to purchase and call home.

We believe in being at the heart of the town centre and want to continue to contribute to the life of Southend, through being part of the fabric that makes our town such a great place to live and work.

The ‘Better Queensway’ project will mean that we need to relocate the Storehouse in Coleman Street, so what better opportunity to embark on the next phase in the life of the church, by bringing us all together under one roof.

(Conceptual artistic sketch of revamped entrance)



How much will it cost…?

We have to raise a total of £630,000 to purchase the premises and have so far raised 43% for a healthy deposit towards a mortgage. This is now all in place. The legal searches and valuations, land registry checks and the legal process to exchange contracts are all underway.

We now seek to raise extra money to pay for the refurbishment costs. This is needed to unlock the mortgage. We have had a few estimates for these costs, based on our architectural drawings, with the best priced quote coming in at £90,000. This money will need to be raised in addition to the initial purchase price.

(Conceptual artistic sketch of revamped entrance)

Why spend so much money on a premises when there is a glut of retail space…?

This is a very good question….

We have spent 12 years doing just that, looking at 8 different properties. Whenever we have tried to develop a space for the requirements of the Storehouse and the Church, we have made a solid proposal and reached a verbal agreement, but there has always been a contractual issue to do with length of time for the tenancy, the rights to terminate the agreement early, and the money needed to get an agreement like this to work.

As with anyone who rents property, the ongoing costs involved with rent, whilst maintaining and investing in the fabric of the property is always finally balanced, as any additional money spent is written off at the end of the tenancy. A building owned by ourselves, would cease to be such a burden on our finances over time.


So what do you want to do…?

What we seek to do, is to create a space where we can host all of the facilities of the Storehouse, including our community cafe, our food bank, and our Family Storehouse, whilst continuing to offer hospitality to people in the town, whatever their circumstances might be. We have a range of activities and skills that can be used for the benefit of our community, and we want to reach out and change lives.

We currently provide support through the Storehouse to 480 people per week, by providing a food parcel to help those in food poverty… we cater for 360 people per week with a hot meal and refreshments, and provide support with clothing through our charity shop.

We accept donations during opening hours only please.

We currently have 3893 people registered to use the Storehouse. Southend has a population of 180,000 people. So if you do the maths, the Storehouse helps 2.1 percent of Southend’s population… We are always staggered by this figure and could not achieve this without the many volunteers we have, many of whom were previously service users themselves.

Volunteering is a key part of our strategy to help people to change their circumstances for the better. We love it when our guests want to offer back to our community, the help they have received by volunteering. We can offer people experiences in reception services, public relations, administration, logistics, stock control, retail, catering, hospitality, cleaning, and furniture restoration… these look great on a C.V.

We help local supermarkets in the collection and distribution of food waste that would have gone to land fill, by visiting Ocado, M&S, Sainsbury’s, TESCO, Gregg’s, MAKRO, Lidl, and Waitrose, where we collect the equivalent of 7 tonnes of food each week.

In our Family Storehouse, we see 75 families visit us for nappies and help with pre-school children, as well as support parents as their children transition into school by connecting them to children’s centres and access to specialist help.

We offer: housing advice, tenancy support, links to the department of work and pensions, Peabody, Mind, Stars, HARP, local policing, children’s centres, welcome to the UK, Better Southend, Southend BID, Southend Borough Council...

What we are finding is that we need to do more. There is more potential to do this in having our own premises, so we can offer a wider range of support services to the residents of Southend.


What about our worshipping community…?

We would hold our church services in the new premises on a Sunday and have space for work with children, crèche, youth work, training, CAP courses, Alpha… the list of things that we can imagine going in our own space is varied and exciting… It will be a place to meet with God and connect with the church family throughout the week, through a variety of services, small groups, church and community events as well as regular activities.

If you would like to donate to the New Premises Fund securely online please use this PayPal link:

Or you can donate using our Crowdfunding page: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/southendstorehouse

For more information about our project, contact the church office on 01702 612900 or have a listen to Andy’s talk.