What is a small group?


A small group is a great way to meet like minded people to grow with God, to develop friendships, to learn new skills, to gain knowledge, to ask questions and to have fun!

Small groups are the building blocks of our church and they provide a space for you to learn and grow in your faith whilst also offering accountability.

Our small groups meet on various days and times. Some meet weekly, some fortnightly and others monthly.









Which small group is right for me?


Check out all the Small Groups being offered this term on the Small Group Choices page.

Different small groups focus on different things.

Some groups may be focused on an age group such as Youth groups.

Some groups are about building knowledge or new skills such as the Discovery Bible Study, CAP Budgeting course or Crafty Ladies!.

Some groups may focus on meeting with God and building relationships such as the Ladies’ Lunch & Prayer and Men’s prayer & breakfast.



We run Alpha courses and Alpha Part 2 courses regularly with different hosts.

These are great if you are exploring Christianity, a new Christian or just have lots of questions about life and the universe.

How do I sign up?


Check out all the Small Groups being offered this term on the Small Group Choices page.

Make your choice(s)!

Southend Vineyard have 3 different ways that you can sign up for small groups.

  1. Fill in a Small Groups Leaflet and drop it into the offering basket or return it to the Welcome desk on a sunday.
  2. Contact the group leader directly.
  3. Join right now by completing the online form!


Whichever group you join you will be very welcome.

We look forward to seeing you at a small group very soon!